Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Busy Queen Mother

I have had a busy time lately. I have gone with Scott to numerous jobs in Eatonville and Randle area. I went down to Portland with him to finish cleaning his mother's place. He was hired by family to "trash out" the place with the hope of it being sold. There were alot of old plant pots around the deck and odd and ends in buildings. He did most of the dirty jobs while he was there two days before. The good news is that the work paid off and the closing date for the sale is at the end of the month. Yeah!!! One the same day that I went with Scott, we stopped in to see Calvin and Michele. Michele fed us a very good dinnner and a lemon custard pie with almond crust. (mouth watering) Scott and I had a good time visiting and playing with Jenny. She is a character. (:
Last week was Vacation Bible School at our church. A dedicated group came up from Kelso and put on the weeks activities. They travel all over the place ( they are in Texas now) to put on VBS for churches. Our youth group took an active part in helping them in all the classes. They had puppet classes and helped with a Black Light puppet show. How cool! ( I am dating myself with that expression) We held the VBS in the evenings and invited parents of the children and adults from the church to come a be a part of the festivities. We went every night and had alot of fun. I understand that six children gave their hearts to the Lord. Heaven is rejoicing. Pray for those children. There are alot of distractions and obstacles that they will face.
I have walked the Rhino Loop twice since I saw the bear. Once I was alone, and yesterday Scott went with me. I must confess, I was nervous about meeting it/him/her again. Scott paced out were I saw the bear and were the bear was, and figured 60 yards distance. Rebecca, my friend gave us bear meat after the spotting. It was fun telling people that I killed that bear and ate it! I did let them know I was just joking. (keeping the conscience pure)
While on our walk, we ate Dew Berries, and Black Caps. which are a wild black raspberry. I love hiking around our place in the summer and graze on the berries ripening in the sun. Yummy! The Thimble Berries are just coming on. It won't be long.
The gardens are coming along nicely. We are havesting the Snow Peas now, putting them in our garden salads and steaming them for a nice side dish. The Yellow Squash in forming its fruit and the tomatoes have little green tomatoes on them. Scott's pumpkins are beginning to put out their runners. His plants are huge. He put string for the beans to climb, and he put a new clothes line up for me since the beans took over the old one.
The Lord continues to make me grow. He answers questions and helps me to understand concepts that I just can't quite grasp. For instance, respect. I always expected a feeling. But it is a choice, like love and the feeling follows. As I repect Jesus Christ for who he is, that is the same choice I make when respecting my husband. It has taken me 31 years to get a handle on this, and I am still in the learning stage of putting it to practice. I believe it personnally when it is said, "it's never too late to learn."
We went to Eatonville Saturday for the wedding of Kacey's friend. It was a wonderful time of seeing her get married, and also of seeing many friends that we have not seen for awhile. Heaven must be like that. The fellowship of friendship in the backdrop of God's love. It was a worshipful experience. I believe God was glorified in our joy.
Well, I think I emptied the well tank on the garden. I need to set up the solar panels to pump some more water and switch tanks for our use. Talk to you later.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

What a "Neat" Day!

My "empty nest" syndrome is officially over. Scott and I are enjoying each other's company. We haven't been home that much, but we have had fun traveling to Eatonville and working together. We built a metal garden shed for a friend and client for the past 2 days. Take my advice, do not put yourself in the emotional frustration of putting together one. Also, don't hire
us. We may charge double what we charged our friend.

This morning, while reading our Bibles, a question was raised bout the coming of the Lord. That got us into a lively discussion. We went from 1 Thess. to Matthew, to Daniel, and to Revelation. It seems that when all points of discussion are met, we have basically been on the same interpretation and understanding. Oh well, it was good practice, sharpening our skills of presenting the Word, keeping our understanding keen.

Scott went to Eatonville without me today. I guess it is my day off, if you call doing housework a day off. Anyway, I made my own mayonnaise. It looks like the right consistency. The taste is a little sharper. I used half lemon juice and half apple cider vinegar. I think it will be good on everything you use mayonnaise on.

After cleaning up the blender and mayonnaise making tools, Joe and I went for a walk. We did the Rino Loop, that starts on the east side of our property, and goes on private land that was logged and replanted. The new trees are taller than a man now, so visibility is less. There are also lots and tall daisies and grass in the overgrown roads. The Loop ends up on the north side of our property and goes down to the yurt. I was more than half way home, thinking about what to write on my Blog site ( what a surprise, the Mock Orange is blooming!), when I noticed a claw mark in the dirt on the road before me. Looking around, I noticed dark fur on the ground, and poop piles here and there. The grass on the side of the road was flat, so I assumed that the animal (probably a bear) heard me and went off the road and into the trees. I even picked up some fur to show Scott to confirm my guess that is was a bear. I took maybe five more steps and saw a Black Bear looking at me up ahead on the road. I instantly stopped, lowered my gaze, and began backing up. I could still see it watching me when Scott called. He asked where I was and what I was doing. What timing! Of coarse he couldn't do anything for me if the bear decided to charge. I told him I was going a different route home, away from the bear. He asked me to call him when I was on our property again. I did and discovered he had called our neighbor to alert him in case I didn't call and he couldn't reach me. I am home, safe and sound. What a surprise can be in store for you when you take a walk that you have walked many times before. And FYI, I do carry.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


What an interesting week, so far. Yesterday, my youngest daughter moved out. She is staying at her sister's place until her apartment is available in August. I felt emotionally vulnerable. I shed a few tears and was quiet most of the day, which made Scott nervous. Today I am better. I moved some of my things in the space left from her things, and am enjoying the freedom of living in a one room yurt with my husband without a daughter around. Life continues to change, and is still good.

I went on a "cool" walk today. I did the Breezie Lane Loop. I stopped often and ate wild strawberries. How awesome is that! I love it when I put a tiny, unassuming strawberry in my mouth and the flavor explodes. You haven't experienced summer until you eat a wild strawberry. The walk was through some beautiful landscape. The grass was tall and in seed, and daisies were blooming among the ocean waves of grass. Yarrow was in bloom, which reminded me I need to pick some more at home and dry it. I am always fascinated with the different bird songs around here. I my walk, a song catches my ear and I stop to try to identify the feathered musician. No luck. They are always shy and allusive. Maybe I'll spot him next time.

Back home, and sweating real good. I stopped at our well tank for a drink of cool well water. The solar panels were turned by Scott to catch the sun, so the water was flowing. Sure was good. Even splashed some of that cold water on my face. Time to get the clothes off the line and folded. I love scratchy, stiff towels and crisp bed sheets. The jeans are stiff when you first put them on, but they loosen up right away. I am hungry, so will talk with you later.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I love Sundays! Last week God took over the planning of the worship songs and made them fit with the sermon today. I picked most of the songs a week ago Wednesday and added some last Wednesday. The theme was suppose to be the omnipresence of God. He made the theme to be the importance of praise in our lives now. God is so awsome. I am also "tickled pink" when God takes my puney ideas and makes them according to His purpose and plan.

I am swallowing my pride, and acknowleging that Genny's name is really spelled with a J. My reasoning is if her full name is spelled with a G, then her nickname should also be spelled with a G. Please accept my apologies, Calvin and Michele. You have been very patient with your mother.

I am very thankful that God gives us new days. That we do not have to be stuck in the rotten attitudes of yesterday. Yes, I was in a rotten attitude yesterday, and hurt myself and Scott. He gets so nervous when I am not "normal" We both react to each other's reactions. Whew, what an emotional mess! Praise God, He did not let me stay in that mess. He set me down by myself in a lawn chair overlooking the back valley, made me be quiet and listen to the truth about myself, Scott's love for me and especially to His forgiveness and care for my heart. I have been held by the Great Lover of My Soul and my heart is at peace. How can anyone say there is no God, and if there is He is not personal. I say Phooey to that because He is real and so very personal. It is my heart's desire that all who read this blog know of God's very real and personal relationship.

Friday, June 20, 2008

It was another day busy day. We started the day with fresh rolled oats for my special oatmeal: contained raisins, walnuts, vanilla flavoring, coconut, cinnamon, and sugar. Yum Yum. Afterwards, with full tummies, Scott climbed a fir tree that was shading our tomato plant and zuccini hills. He limbed over half the limbs before it got hot and his legs got tired. We then went to Morton to introduce ourselves to a new client. We found out that she is a believer and spends alot of time alone while her husband drives his truck interstate. It was a blessing meeting her and we look forward to helping her get her place back in order.

We then went to the Heritage House. We figured we needed to see the friends we made while Mom Augur was living there.

On to the Bean Tree to wait for Barbara's return home from Westport. She was due back for work at 2 o'clock. I had a bowl of clam chowder with a cheese roll. Scott had a big sticky roll and a cup of coffee. We were able to see Anne Sjoden and her daughter, and Steve Hargrove. He and Scott had business to discuss. Meanwhile, Barbara came in. She was excited about her trip and shared some of the highlights. It will be good to have her home for awhile, even if it will be for a short time. She is planning to move in with Anders and Kacey until her apartment is ready in August.

Back at home, we cleaned the mess we made with the fallen branches. We made 4 piles. What hard work dragging those limbs. It also became humid, so was I ever sweating! This is a part of homesteading, Michele. We'll be here to help. I am now waiting for Barbara to come home. She said she bought me a special treat. Something with coconut and chocolate ( :

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Granddaughter, flowers, rocks, friends and blessings

I have sure been having alot of fun lately. I was able to visit with Calvin and Michele for 5 days and that included playing with Genny. The weather turned really nice during their visit, so Genny and I spent time outside. She usually wanted me to pick her up as her way of telling me it was time to go out. She enjoyed picking "flowers" and then "feeding" them to Joe, our dog. We also spent alot of time just sitting in front of the yurt and letting her put rocks in my had. She was fasinated with the hummingbirds that came to the feeder, and also the grosbeaks that chanced a time at their feeder. As a matter of fact, we had a hummingbird fly in the house, hit a window, and knock itself out. I held the stunned bird in my hand and let Genny carefully touch it on the tail. We all had a good time together. Calvin was able to go with Scott on a job he was doing in Packwood, rebuilding a deck. He also went to Eatonville to help mow the lawn for a good friend of ours. He was able to see friends he had not seen for a long while. It was a special time for Father and Son to work together and just spend time together.
We had the awsome priviledge of having Rebecca, Larah, and Kacey come up for a visit on Thursday afternoon. We all sat on lawn chairs and chatted and watched Genny and Larah play.
Tuesday, at 1:30, Barbara, Audrey, Adrienne, and Alex went to Westport for the week. I am assuming they are having a great time, because she is no longer text messaging to her father. They will be coming home on Friday in time for Barbara to work. Meanwhile, at the home front, Scott and I are enjoying the "empty nest". We have worked on our gardens, moved firewood, changed locations of huge beams, taken walks, and just enjoyed each other's company. Scott planted a large patch of pumpkins in his garden. I added spagetti squash to Barbara and my garden. I actually picked the first lettuce leaves for sandwiches today.
Today has been good....worshipping our Creator God while on my walk this morning, praying for extra blessing for Rebecca on her birthday. I feel like I was the one to receive the extra blessings. Maybe He just opened my eyes to see the blessings that are continually around me all the time. Whatever the case, God is good all the time......all the time, God is good.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wednesday night, Calvin, Michele and Genny came up for a five day stay. This is a picture of their arrival. As you can see, Grandma is very happy. I'll write more of the adventures of their stay when I have more time. Right now, I have some more playing to do on this beautiful evening on Father's Day.