Thursday, June 19, 2008

Granddaughter, flowers, rocks, friends and blessings

I have sure been having alot of fun lately. I was able to visit with Calvin and Michele for 5 days and that included playing with Genny. The weather turned really nice during their visit, so Genny and I spent time outside. She usually wanted me to pick her up as her way of telling me it was time to go out. She enjoyed picking "flowers" and then "feeding" them to Joe, our dog. We also spent alot of time just sitting in front of the yurt and letting her put rocks in my had. She was fasinated with the hummingbirds that came to the feeder, and also the grosbeaks that chanced a time at their feeder. As a matter of fact, we had a hummingbird fly in the house, hit a window, and knock itself out. I held the stunned bird in my hand and let Genny carefully touch it on the tail. We all had a good time together. Calvin was able to go with Scott on a job he was doing in Packwood, rebuilding a deck. He also went to Eatonville to help mow the lawn for a good friend of ours. He was able to see friends he had not seen for a long while. It was a special time for Father and Son to work together and just spend time together.
We had the awsome priviledge of having Rebecca, Larah, and Kacey come up for a visit on Thursday afternoon. We all sat on lawn chairs and chatted and watched Genny and Larah play.
Tuesday, at 1:30, Barbara, Audrey, Adrienne, and Alex went to Westport for the week. I am assuming they are having a great time, because she is no longer text messaging to her father. They will be coming home on Friday in time for Barbara to work. Meanwhile, at the home front, Scott and I are enjoying the "empty nest". We have worked on our gardens, moved firewood, changed locations of huge beams, taken walks, and just enjoyed each other's company. Scott planted a large patch of pumpkins in his garden. I added spagetti squash to Barbara and my garden. I actually picked the first lettuce leaves for sandwiches today.
Today has been good....worshipping our Creator God while on my walk this morning, praying for extra blessing for Rebecca on her birthday. I feel like I was the one to receive the extra blessings. Maybe He just opened my eyes to see the blessings that are continually around me all the time. Whatever the case, God is good all the time......all the time, God is good.


Michele said...

We loved visiting you! :) Thank you!
Jenny sure had lots of fun playing with you!
Enjoy your "empty nest" this week.
Michele :)

Kacey said...