Saturday, July 5, 2008

What a "Neat" Day!

My "empty nest" syndrome is officially over. Scott and I are enjoying each other's company. We haven't been home that much, but we have had fun traveling to Eatonville and working together. We built a metal garden shed for a friend and client for the past 2 days. Take my advice, do not put yourself in the emotional frustration of putting together one. Also, don't hire
us. We may charge double what we charged our friend.

This morning, while reading our Bibles, a question was raised bout the coming of the Lord. That got us into a lively discussion. We went from 1 Thess. to Matthew, to Daniel, and to Revelation. It seems that when all points of discussion are met, we have basically been on the same interpretation and understanding. Oh well, it was good practice, sharpening our skills of presenting the Word, keeping our understanding keen.

Scott went to Eatonville without me today. I guess it is my day off, if you call doing housework a day off. Anyway, I made my own mayonnaise. It looks like the right consistency. The taste is a little sharper. I used half lemon juice and half apple cider vinegar. I think it will be good on everything you use mayonnaise on.

After cleaning up the blender and mayonnaise making tools, Joe and I went for a walk. We did the Rino Loop, that starts on the east side of our property, and goes on private land that was logged and replanted. The new trees are taller than a man now, so visibility is less. There are also lots and tall daisies and grass in the overgrown roads. The Loop ends up on the north side of our property and goes down to the yurt. I was more than half way home, thinking about what to write on my Blog site ( what a surprise, the Mock Orange is blooming!), when I noticed a claw mark in the dirt on the road before me. Looking around, I noticed dark fur on the ground, and poop piles here and there. The grass on the side of the road was flat, so I assumed that the animal (probably a bear) heard me and went off the road and into the trees. I even picked up some fur to show Scott to confirm my guess that is was a bear. I took maybe five more steps and saw a Black Bear looking at me up ahead on the road. I instantly stopped, lowered my gaze, and began backing up. I could still see it watching me when Scott called. He asked where I was and what I was doing. What timing! Of coarse he couldn't do anything for me if the bear decided to charge. I told him I was going a different route home, away from the bear. He asked me to call him when I was on our property again. I did and discovered he had called our neighbor to alert him in case I didn't call and he couldn't reach me. I am home, safe and sound. What a surprise can be in store for you when you take a walk that you have walked many times before. And FYI, I do carry.

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