Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Busy Queen Mother

I have had a busy time lately. I have gone with Scott to numerous jobs in Eatonville and Randle area. I went down to Portland with him to finish cleaning his mother's place. He was hired by family to "trash out" the place with the hope of it being sold. There were alot of old plant pots around the deck and odd and ends in buildings. He did most of the dirty jobs while he was there two days before. The good news is that the work paid off and the closing date for the sale is at the end of the month. Yeah!!! One the same day that I went with Scott, we stopped in to see Calvin and Michele. Michele fed us a very good dinnner and a lemon custard pie with almond crust. (mouth watering) Scott and I had a good time visiting and playing with Jenny. She is a character. (:
Last week was Vacation Bible School at our church. A dedicated group came up from Kelso and put on the weeks activities. They travel all over the place ( they are in Texas now) to put on VBS for churches. Our youth group took an active part in helping them in all the classes. They had puppet classes and helped with a Black Light puppet show. How cool! ( I am dating myself with that expression) We held the VBS in the evenings and invited parents of the children and adults from the church to come a be a part of the festivities. We went every night and had alot of fun. I understand that six children gave their hearts to the Lord. Heaven is rejoicing. Pray for those children. There are alot of distractions and obstacles that they will face.
I have walked the Rhino Loop twice since I saw the bear. Once I was alone, and yesterday Scott went with me. I must confess, I was nervous about meeting it/him/her again. Scott paced out were I saw the bear and were the bear was, and figured 60 yards distance. Rebecca, my friend gave us bear meat after the spotting. It was fun telling people that I killed that bear and ate it! I did let them know I was just joking. (keeping the conscience pure)
While on our walk, we ate Dew Berries, and Black Caps. which are a wild black raspberry. I love hiking around our place in the summer and graze on the berries ripening in the sun. Yummy! The Thimble Berries are just coming on. It won't be long.
The gardens are coming along nicely. We are havesting the Snow Peas now, putting them in our garden salads and steaming them for a nice side dish. The Yellow Squash in forming its fruit and the tomatoes have little green tomatoes on them. Scott's pumpkins are beginning to put out their runners. His plants are huge. He put string for the beans to climb, and he put a new clothes line up for me since the beans took over the old one.
The Lord continues to make me grow. He answers questions and helps me to understand concepts that I just can't quite grasp. For instance, respect. I always expected a feeling. But it is a choice, like love and the feeling follows. As I repect Jesus Christ for who he is, that is the same choice I make when respecting my husband. It has taken me 31 years to get a handle on this, and I am still in the learning stage of putting it to practice. I believe it personnally when it is said, "it's never too late to learn."
We went to Eatonville Saturday for the wedding of Kacey's friend. It was a wonderful time of seeing her get married, and also of seeing many friends that we have not seen for awhile. Heaven must be like that. The fellowship of friendship in the backdrop of God's love. It was a worshipful experience. I believe God was glorified in our joy.
Well, I think I emptied the well tank on the garden. I need to set up the solar panels to pump some more water and switch tanks for our use. Talk to you later.

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Sharon said...

So true Bobbi, it is never too late to learn, especially when it involves learning how to show respect to our husbands.

Kendra tagged me and now dear lady it is your turn :) If you visit my site at inmyfathersgarden.blogspot.com you will see the rules :)

It is fun and challenging . . . at least it was for me.

Love you,