Sunday, June 22, 2008

I love Sundays! Last week God took over the planning of the worship songs and made them fit with the sermon today. I picked most of the songs a week ago Wednesday and added some last Wednesday. The theme was suppose to be the omnipresence of God. He made the theme to be the importance of praise in our lives now. God is so awsome. I am also "tickled pink" when God takes my puney ideas and makes them according to His purpose and plan.

I am swallowing my pride, and acknowleging that Genny's name is really spelled with a J. My reasoning is if her full name is spelled with a G, then her nickname should also be spelled with a G. Please accept my apologies, Calvin and Michele. You have been very patient with your mother.

I am very thankful that God gives us new days. That we do not have to be stuck in the rotten attitudes of yesterday. Yes, I was in a rotten attitude yesterday, and hurt myself and Scott. He gets so nervous when I am not "normal" We both react to each other's reactions. Whew, what an emotional mess! Praise God, He did not let me stay in that mess. He set me down by myself in a lawn chair overlooking the back valley, made me be quiet and listen to the truth about myself, Scott's love for me and especially to His forgiveness and care for my heart. I have been held by the Great Lover of My Soul and my heart is at peace. How can anyone say there is no God, and if there is He is not personal. I say Phooey to that because He is real and so very personal. It is my heart's desire that all who read this blog know of God's very real and personal relationship.


Michele said...

Thanks, Mom :) We still love you.

Jenny's nickname is after our dear friend Jennylyn that led me to the Lord years ago. Her nickname is in the similar style to mine. My mom chose to call me Sheli Beth as a nickname. She originally was going to spell it "Chellie" since there is no "S" in my name, but the "S" spelling seems to be more common, and easier phonetically. We followed in the same train of thought for Gen's name. :)

I loved reading how God planned the worship songs. I love it when that happens! I wish we could have been there to share it.

We love you!

Country Gal said...

How encouraging! I love it when God sits me down in a quiet place and leads me back to Himself!

Great is His faithfulness! His loving kindness is new every morning!

You encouraged me today!


Kacey said...

I love you two so much! Your passionate, patient love for each other is such an example to us kiddos.
You wanna go riding with me sometime?