Tuesday, July 1, 2008


What an interesting week, so far. Yesterday, my youngest daughter moved out. She is staying at her sister's place until her apartment is available in August. I felt emotionally vulnerable. I shed a few tears and was quiet most of the day, which made Scott nervous. Today I am better. I moved some of my things in the space left from her things, and am enjoying the freedom of living in a one room yurt with my husband without a daughter around. Life continues to change, and is still good.

I went on a "cool" walk today. I did the Breezie Lane Loop. I stopped often and ate wild strawberries. How awesome is that! I love it when I put a tiny, unassuming strawberry in my mouth and the flavor explodes. You haven't experienced summer until you eat a wild strawberry. The walk was through some beautiful landscape. The grass was tall and in seed, and daisies were blooming among the ocean waves of grass. Yarrow was in bloom, which reminded me I need to pick some more at home and dry it. I am always fascinated with the different bird songs around here. I my walk, a song catches my ear and I stop to try to identify the feathered musician. No luck. They are always shy and allusive. Maybe I'll spot him next time.

Back home, and sweating real good. I stopped at our well tank for a drink of cool well water. The solar panels were turned by Scott to catch the sun, so the water was flowing. Sure was good. Even splashed some of that cold water on my face. Time to get the clothes off the line and folded. I love scratchy, stiff towels and crisp bed sheets. The jeans are stiff when you first put them on, but they loosen up right away. I am hungry, so will talk with you later.

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Rebecca said...

Have I told you how much I enjoy your blog? You are an incredible writer and you make life sound so good. Makes me wish we had property up your road. I've never had a wild strawberry. Think maybe next week I could come take a walk with ya and maybe snack on some summertime delights? Glad you had a great day.